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Paula Eskett

Accredited Facilitator (English-medium) and Knowledge Curator



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P: 0800 267 300

M: 021 622 972

Accreditation Number: ACC 856

Region: Canterbury

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Paula Eskett FS W

Professional profile

Paula is an experienced Library and Information professional with 30 years experience across the
Library and Information sectors. Her background includes working in digital, community and research libraries, managing and consulting about school libraries.

In 2004, Paula managed Riccarton High School’s transition from a traditional school library to one half of New Zealand’s largest urban joint-use library, opening in 2006 in partnership with Christchurch City Libraries. Paula then co-managed the Upper Riccarton School and Community Library for nine years, developing a cutting edge library and information service designed to support the teaching and learning goals of Riccarton High School while embedding a Think Library message into students' out-of-school lives. In response to losing access to most of the library’s book collection after the February 2011 earthquake, she developed a service called “Is there an app for that?”, which pushed the library services offered to staff and students fully into the e-learning domain.

In 2012, Paula was the first non-teacher in New Zealand to be awarded a CORE Education eFellowship. Her research focused on creating student engagement in school libraries through the use of mobile devices and apps.

Paula was the School Library Futures, Development Specialist for National Library, Services to Schools in 2013 and 2014. In this role, she focused on shifting school libraries from transactional services to transformational services, with an emphasis on school library services responding to current education drivers of Modern Learning Practice and Environments, and realising the fantastic results possible.

Paula’s expertise lies in the design of libraries and learning spaces, which create and invite school-community engagement, collaboration and ownership.

She is a skilled facilitator and presenter of professional development in areas of information literacies, digital citizenship and best practice library service design.


  • Project Management
  • Public Speaking
  • Presenting
  • Building capacity in Libraries
  • Advocacy
  • Library design

Professional memberships

  • LIANZA (National Executive, Aoraki)
  • CEFPI (Co-Chair, Christchurch)

Conference presentations

  • “Rebuilding Christchurch Schools”. Panel discussion. Festival of Education, Christchurch 2014.
  • “Creating a climate of opportunity, shifting school libraries from transactional to transformational”. ULearn, Hamilton 2013.  
  • The space formerly known as library”. EDtalk. ULearn, Hamilton 2013.
  • “Disruptor or connector? Technology and crowd sourcing in the school library”. Keynote. Digital Discovery Day, National Library of New Zealand, Wellington 2013.
  • Beyond the stereotype, School Libraries creating engagement with mobile devices and play”. LIANZA, Palmerston North 2013 and ULearn, Auckland 2012.
  • Is there an App for that?”. EDtalk. ULearn, Auckland 2012.
  • “Strong Foundations on Shaky Ground”. International Joint-Use Library Conference, Adelaide, 2012.
  • “Broadening Horizons. Conjoined and connected. The Upper Riccarton School & Community Library”. Somerset College, Brisbane 2009.
  • “How long is a piece of string? Exploring the possibilities that being joint-use brings”. Australian School Library Association, Adelaide 2007.


  • CORE Education eFellowship 2012.


  • Kramer,F., Eskett, P., Morrow, S (2011) “Pulling down silos, enhances inquiry learning”. New Zealand Education Gazette, 90(1), 10.
  • Eskett, P (2011) “Strong Foundations on Shaky Ground: The Upper Riccarton School/Public Library, New Zealand”, Vol. 24, Adelaide, Australasian Public Libraries and Information Services.

Personal statement

My life’s like that of the very hungry caterpillar; it’s all about trying new things. I love learning and helping others to do the same, using information in all its different formats.

My three teenage children keep my interests diverse and life wonderfully interesting.

Out of work I can be found knee deep in my vege garden, walking where cellphones can’t find me or feeding my shoe addiction.