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Rowan Taigel

Facilitator — LwDT/Future Focused Inquiries



Contact details


P: (03) 379 6627

M: 021 256 5285

Region: Otago / Southland

Rowan Taigel

Professional profile

Rowan facilitates the journey into learning with digital technologies with individual schools and clusters. She also mentors teams in the art of collaborative teaching as inquiry as a member of the Future Focused Inquiry team. She has particular strengths in design thinking and innovation, as well as supporting the development of learner agency and collaborative teamwork. Supporting the establishment and development of effective collaborative teams is a particular skill.

Receiving an eFellowship from CORE Education for her achievements in staff professional development, e-learning integration and future-focused innovation fuelled her passion for action research and evidence-based inquiry. Her current research project is: 'Dismantling the Ivory Tower - the power of teacher researchers to transform teaching and learning.

Rowan is inspired by innovative, out-of-the-box thinking in all areas of education. Personalised, differentiated professional development for staff and teachers is a passion, especially as this can lead to transformative learning experiences for all.

Rowan's experience in facilitation with teachers and leaders is underpinned by her ability to:

  • quickly establish rapport with, and between, participants of varying backgrounds and experiences
  • use visual design and a sense of humour to make the complex accessible
  • ensure sustainability by helping participants develop their own capacities
  • harness all group member's strengths to work towards collaborative vision and goals
  • model and guide the use of various reflection strategies to develop teachers' evaluative capability
  • see the potential within a problem for its opportunities to be innovative
  • ensure all voices are heard.


  • Collaborative practice
  • Change leadership
  • Research and evaluation
  • Design thinking
  • Inquiry and knowledge building/Spirals of Inquiry
  • Modern learning pedagogy
  • Student agency
  • Design and facilitation of programmes for teacher professional learning
  • Strategies for transformative change in teaching and learning
  • Strategic planning for integration of technology into educational settings
  • Innovation workshops for a blended approach to course design
  • Innovative thinking
  • Secondary education

Professional memberships

  • NZATE (New Zealand Association for Teachers of English)

Conference presentations

  • "Daring to Act Differently: Moving Beyond the Rhetoric Towards Transformative Action", NASDAP Conference, Auckland, 2015
  • "Secondary School Imagineers", Research paper presented at uLearn, Auckland, 2015
  • “Passion and Purpose; Empowering the Gifted Writer, a Blended eLearning Approach", Research Paper presented at uLearn, Rotorua, 2014


  • CORE eFellowship, 2014


  • 'Tradition to Transformation - how traditional secondary schools are breaking ground in 21st century education'. - Enabling eLearning 2016.
  • Taigel, R (2012) “Powerful Prezi-ntations with Prizes”, English in Aotearoa, Issue Number 77.
  • A Fine Line, Featured Poet, March 2012.
  • Taigel, R (2012) “Domestic Bliss”, Shotglass Journal, Issue 7.
  • Taigel, R (2012) “Wandering Soloist”, “Night Ocean“, Takahē, Issue 78.
  • Taigel, R (2012) “Swimming with Frame”, Building a Time Machine (NZPS anthology).

Personal statement

I believe in the power of reflection, relationships, responsiveness and risk-taking to produce innovation. Education is about the power of people sharing their ideas, and that is why I always work to ensure every voice is heard. I am a strong advocate for enabling learning to happen in authentic contexts; for it to be real and relevant to learners of all ages, backgrounds and levels of experience. It is important to me for there to be equity in education; for all learners and participants to have equal opportunities for access and achievement. Creating, enabling and allowing for the ideal conditions for people to ask "what if…?" questions is at the heart of everything I do at CORE.

Good music, good food, good company, humour and family (they are also part of the good company category) are the other things that bring joy to my life.