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Shahrane’e Fa’avae

Accredited Facilitator (English-medium) and eTeacher


Bachelor of Education (Teaching)
Master of Educational Management

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P: 0800 267 300

M: 021 161 8959

Accreditation Number: ACC 1035

Region: Auckland

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Professional Profile

2004-2010: Bilingual teacher/leader at Richmond Road School teaching both Samoan and English. Throughout this time, Shahrane’e led in a number of different areas of the school; from the organisation and management of student leadership programmes to developing different school wide curriculum and assessment initiatives, to supporting senior management with appraisal and reporting systems.

2010-2011: English, Science and Maths specialist teacher in Abu Dhabi. Working alongside Arabic teachers to deliver high quality ESOL programmes. Creating and resourcing a very limited English curriculum to cater for the high needs of the students. 

2013-2014: Pedagogical Leader for AIMHI Alternative Education. Providing professional development opportunities for tutors who are working with some on NZ’s most at risk youth who are no longer in the mainstream school system. Planning, scaffolding and supporting the delivery of the NZ Curriculum. Creating assessments and ensuring effective analysis, understanding and reporting of the data.

2015-2016: Associate Principal of Westbridge Residential School. In this role Shahrane’e worked closely in the senior management team supporting in areas of curriculum planning, assessment and appraisal development and teacher support. There were a number of opportunities to work alongside the residential team developing PB4L and other areas of pastoral care. She was also part of the team that worked on redeveloping the reporting systems and the extensive work needed to write the new strategic plan. Having been awarded a Ministry of Education Study award in 2009 she spent this time completing my Graduated Diploma of TESSOL. Prior to that she had worked full time while completing my Masters of Educational Management. This work was based around the effective use of ICT in the classroom prior to the introduction of BYOD and the numerous possibilities of e-learning of today’s schooling. Research and continual learning is an important aspect of who she is as an educator and she has embraced every opportunity given to her to be both learner and teacher 

Mai i te Kōpae ki te Urupa, tātou ako tonu ai.

From the cradle to the grave we are forever learning.


Bilingual Education/ ESOL

Curriculum and Assessment Development

Programming and IEP Development


2015 - PB4L Conference 

2013/2014 - Alternative Education Conference

2007 - Learning at Schools Conference

2005 - Ulimasao Conference- Samoa: Presented with staff of Richmond Road School


2009 - Ministry of Education Study award 
NESLI- NZ Advance Leadership Programme Scholarship

Personal Statement 

I am a proud Afakasi Samoan, mother of 6 beautiful children. My love of learning and languages has been the driving force in my personal studies and also in my children’s lives with all of them going through bilingual education right from preschool age. I love to travel and experience the world’s different cultures and languages first hand and through these different experiences try to ensure our family has a better understanding and acceptance of all people.