Curriculum Support Resources

Our Curriculum Support Resources (CSR) team are experts with information. They create, curate, and make information accessible, as well as helping users transform this information into useable knowledge.


Curriculum resources are created in online and print formats, using a range of media. We scope particular requirements, aligning resources to The New Zealand Curriculum at all levels, ensuring we work collaboratively with stakeholders.

CORE’s skilled and experienced project managers, writers, information architects, learning designers, curriculum subject area experts and online content editors work together and with you … ensuring you and your students have access to and understanding of the right information.

CSR services

Resource design, writing, curation and content management — for a range of education websites:

The CSR team provide curriculum resources content and technical management group helpdesks.

Resource analysis, review and writing — helping organisations align their messages with The New Zealand Curriculum and the needs of New Zealand educators. Recent examples include:

CORE’s CSR team collaborates with our IT team, designing, developing, writing, and building curriculum resources for curriculum tools:

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