Web application development

Whether you require customised web applications developed from scratch, or need to adapt existing ones, CORE can help.


Delivering education-specific solutions for the web

Our team of developers are dedicated to ensuring you are equipped for modern learning. Experienced and highly skilled in designing, developing, and maintaining web-based applications in an educational context, the CORE team has been responsible for the setup and development of some of the best-known and well-used resources for educators in New Zealand, including:

  • Learning Communities Online (VLN)
  • Learning Exchange System (VLN)
  • Educational Positioning System (EPS)

Our specialised team can be contracted to develop whatever you require, from bespoke web applications to modifying existing open-source platforms, (such as elgg) – ultimately ensuring you and your students have the tools you need to take learning to the next level.

Contact CORE Web Development to discuss your requirements and explore possibilities and solutions development@core-ed.ac.nz