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Pushing the boundaries of educational possibility

Pushing the boundaries of educational possibility

Professional learning

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CORE Professional Learning

International evidence shows that effective professional development needs to be long-term, in-depth, sustained and relevant to the learning needs and contexts of those involved.

Traditional models of professional development have tended to rely on face-to-face meetings and workshops that are both costly and limited in their ability to achieve these critical success factors.

Cluster-based model

CORE Education has been developing a model of PD that combines both face-to-face and online dimensions, and is provided over time and with multiple points of engagement to enable teachers, schools and early childhood services the opportunity to engage with the PD fully, and to embed changes in practice as a consequence.

Individual participation in online courses

CORE also provides online courses targeting individuals wanting to develop their personal knowledge and skills in particular areas. These are provided online and generally last for a term (ten weeks). They are provided online and can be worked through independently or with a group.

Face-to-face workshops

In addition, CORE staff facilitate workshops, particularly where these are planned as a part of a whole school/early childhood service strategic approach to professional learning and development. CORE facilitators can work with you to plan your Teacher Only Days or cluster-based PD focus events to ensure they meet the needs of all staff and contribute to the objectives of your strategic plan.