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About CORE's Ten Trends

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What are the trends about?

Each year, CORE Education’s experienced staff of researchers, educators, and digital technology experts pool their expertise and combine their understanding and evidence of the ways that digital technologies are influencing all aspects of education. The result is CORE’s list of the ten trends that are expected to make a growing impact upon education in New Zealand in the coming year.

Each theme describes ways the adoption of new and emerging digital technologies can impact on learners of all ages. While the focus is on the influence of digital technologies on education the scope is broad as technologies become infused in all aspects of our lives.

An innovation for 2016 is the provision of spotlights on practitioners who are embracing some aspects of one of the trends in their schools and classrooms.

How might the trends be used?

Ten Trends

The purpose in presenting these trends is to provide a glimpse of the ‘big picture’ within which we operate in the education system. It is important to recognise that these are trends, not specific predictions. As such, they are presented to provoke further research, investigation and discussion, in order to determine how they may affect the strategic planning within your educational institution.

Feedback and discussion

Each of the trends is presented in summary form, with a discussion forum attached. You are invited to share your thoughts, questions or comments on each of the themes in this forum. The forums can be used to share stories of the trends are impacting on your centre/school, asking questions for clarification or sharing links to further information.

Further information

CORE staff are available to speak to staff groups about any of these themes, or to present to cluster groups or at conferences, either in person or using an online synchronous communications system. Further inquires should be addressed to: