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Quinn Norton EDTalks video
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EDtalks is a CORE Education initiative and our contribution to teaching and learning worldwide.

EDtalks is a free database of short video interviews with leading educators, thinkers and classroom practitioners, intended to push the boundaries of educational possibilities. They encourage educators to consider practices that enhance the opportunities for students to meet their full potential as lifelong learners and contributors to the economic and social development of their communities.

For our interviews we draw on our extensive links to educators, institutions, thought leaders, and innovators. Many interviews are recorded at conferences attended by some of the world’s leading thinkers in education and teacher practitioners. Other material is gathered in schools, at seminars or speaking engagements, or from within the CORE Education team itself.

The talks provide an insight into the innovative practice happening in real classrooms as well as forecasting the future possibilities for education in New Zealand and around the world.

EDtalks is run by CORE’s digital media production team with staff located in four of the main centres operating two broadcast quality video production units. Users are free to download the video files for use in whole staff or personal professional learning.

“It’s professional development on the go, five minutes here or there where you can just watch someone talking about something you would like to learn about, a different perspective.” (Luke, teacher)

EDtalks Media Team


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