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CORE Education is a research and development centre, focused on new technologies in education and training contexts.  We have expertise and experience in:

Research team

  • Large and small scale educational programme evaluations.
  • Large and small scale pilots of e-learning and distance education programmes, online professional development, online training, and online communities of practice.
  • Research consultancy on new educational technologies.
  • Trials of newly-developed technologies in various educational and training contexts.
  • Academic research supervision and assessment services.
  • Publication and dissemination of research related to new educational technologies.
  • Prototype development and trials of interactive training modules and teaching/learning resources.

CORE researchers have expertise in a variety of social research methods, with a particular emphasis on action research and other forms of participant research. We have formal research associations with the University of Canterbury (NZ), NZCER (NZ), and CORE Education (UK).

As well as conducting their own research, CORE Education's team of researchers carries out contractual work for other organisations, and facilitates others in their own research projects, such as the eFellowship Award fellows.

You can find out more about CORE's research activities by looking at: