MLE Matrix


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Success measures

What are the measures you will use to assess how well your MLE is suited to supporting learning in the 21st Century?


  • is learning able to happen anywhere, at any time, at any pace and with or through any device within the MLE?
  • does the physical environment demonstrate sufficient flexibility and open-ness to allow this to happen?
  • does the technical environment support ubiquitous access to the internet for all, with and through his/her own device?
  • does the design for and facilitation of learning encourage this?


  • do students have ‘the power to act’ in the MLE?
  • are all learners empowered to make choices and decisions about how, where, what and when they learn?
  • are learners a part of their own learning support network within the MLE?
  • Is the design of the MLE adaptive to learner needs and ambitions?


  • is the MLE a part of a network of provision?
  • do staff value being networked as a part of their own professional learning?
  • does the activity of the MLE embrace and enable learning at home and other community facilities?
  • does the activity of the MLE have global reach?
  • does the MLE enable and support the learning of the whole community