Finding your way around mobile technologies using ipads

  • Integration of mobile technologies. The latest research about the way New Zealand schools are adapting to the use of mobile technologies is encouraging. Our facilitators will show you the way in which this approach is being integrated into classroom programmes,providing effective learning experiences for students of all ages.
  • Planning the process. Our facilitators will prepare you to independently use and configure your own devices in preparation for working with your students. This will include exploring the functionality of the device and downloading a range of iTunes software.
  • Effective implementation.We will assist you to begin exploring the wide range of learning areas the iPad can be used within and where they can effectively support the curriculum in your school.
  • Primary
  • Secondary

We believe the best way for you to take advantage of our engaging professional learning opportunities is to work with us as a whole school or cluster with other schools.

Like the sound of this professional learning and development but want to adapt it to your specific school or cluster need? No problem, contact us online now, or phone Elizabeth Craker ( on 021 242 2875 to discuss how CORE can support your professional learning needs.