Professional Inquiry


This course explores the principles and processes of professional inquiry as a process of systematic, rigorous and critical reflection about professional practice, and the contexts in which it occurs, in ways that question taken-for granted assumptions, and brings about improved outcomes for students. The course introduces inquiry from a conceptual perspective, exploring a range of models and frameworks and how these address the ‘big idea’ of professional inquiry. The aim of the course is to equip teachers and leaders within CoLs with the understanding and strategies they need to implement an inquiry-based approach to professional development in their CoL.


Participants should have access to a classroom/teaching context that can be used as the context for completing tasks and applying the things they learn.

Learning outcomes

Course participants will be able to:

  • gain a deeper level of awareness and understanding of what professional inquiry is and how it can be used to bring about improved outcomes for learners
  • explore the range of models and frameworks for inquiry that are being used, and identify the purpose and context for each
  • explore the benefits of and strategies associated with collaborative inquiry
  • develop personal strategies and/or strategies to empower others in the use of professional inquiry as the basis of decision-making for action

Who is this for

This course is intended for all teachers in Communities of Learning who are wanting to learn about or improve their use of professional inquiry as a means of informing decision-making for action. It will be of particular interest to those leading professional learning programmes within CoLs where professional inquiry is the basis of the approach being used.

Course format

20 week course divided into four modules (5 weeks per module). 
3-5 professional learning hours per week. 

Each 5 week module includes: 

  • 2 facilitated webinars
  • online learning             



Module One: Understanding the nature of inquiry
Participants will be introduced to the principles and key ideas behind the concept of professional inquiry, and how this can bring about improved outcomes for learners.

Module Two: Models and frameworks
Participants will explore a variety of models and frameworks and understand the purpose and intention for using these in a variety of contexts.

Module Three: Collaborative inquiry
Participants will consider how professional inquiry may be undertaken as a collaborative endeavour, and be introduced to ways of achieving this in their school/CoL setting.

Module Four: Planning for professional inquiry
Participants will be supported through the process of planning for a personal inquiry OR a collaborative inquiry in their own school/CoL setting.


20 Feb 2017


Online lesson times will be advised but are typically Monday - Thursday outside of school hours. 


The cost is $830 per person. A discount of 20% applies for groups of 5+ people from the same school or centre.  All prices exclude GST.

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