ACCELERATOR is an immersive experience that speeds up change in teaching and learning and activates innovative solutions.



What's it about?

ACCELERATOR utilises a methodology designed to push participants to find new solutions to wicked challenges in teaching. It is designed to shift mindsets, kick-start innovative thinking and enable participants to activate change faster.

ACCELERATOR is run throughout the year, and also as an event within uLearn18.

Who's it best suited for?

Teacher innovators in English-medium learning communities. Those looking for a ‘next level’ challenge in teaching, learning and to be immersed in an innovative experience. ACCELERATOR can be delivered for your community context. This programme can include parents, whānau, iwi, Boards of Trustees, and more, to participate for a full community experience.

Length of time

Two-day immersive event


  • Come away being able to apply approaches to think more deeply, play with ideas and design fresh solutions.
  • Grow creative and critical thinking skills.
  • Opportunity to work with a range of mentors and experts.
  • Create new networks of innovators both inside and outside education.