iOS Deployment using Apple Configurator


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This guide is aimed at those who wish to supervise their iOS devices. It covers all of the stages of preparing to use Configurator thoroughly. It was particularly written with a school audience in mind.

Many schools are now deploying iOS devices in sufficient numbers that they need to manage them more efficiently. Many smaller schools do not have the resources to pay to have Configurator set up for them, and some poor staff member has to try to wade through all of the issues involved, often with several missteps and restarts along the way. This guide will help alleviate that pain.

It is written in a straight-forward, easy-to-read style. It lays out everything you need to do and have ready, so when you implement, you are not having to restart because of hidden or unforeseen requirements.

This guide is for tablet-style iOS devices such as iPads, iPod Touches, and possibly iPhones if anyone wished to deploy them with Configurator.

This version of this guide has been updated to show the changes in iOS 7.0.2 and Configurator 1.4.