KOHA – A Gift of Knowledge

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Let KOHA be your introduction to Te Reo Māori!


KOHA is a fun and interactive card game that will inspire you to learn Te Reo Māori through the every day use of Māori place names across Aotearoa, New Zealand.


Soar like the kāhu and take a journey across Aotearoa, New Zealand. On your travels you will learn the origins of place names and local history, and face some challenges, 'Wero'. But beware of Māui the trickster! He could upset your game at any given time.

Kei te rite koe?


Product details:

Each KOHA tin contains:

  • 5x KOHA decks (45 KOHA cards)
  • 5x MĀUI cards (included in KOHA deck)
  • 1x WERO deck (50 WERO cards)
  • 1x KOHA game map
  • 1x rule booklet 


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Contact us at keegan.faichnie@core-ed.ac.nz for further information. Bulk order incentives are also available.

Item Dimensions

Weight: 15000g

Width: 23.5cm

Height: 5cm

Depth: 24.5cm