Annual report 2013: Digital Media Production


For a small team, digital media production covers a lot of ground and produce a lot of material. Jedd chases new business, manages production, filming and editing when he gets the opportunity; Michael works full time planning production, filming and post production, and Jane project manages, films and edits EDtalks as well as NZC Online video productions.

This year we have delivered over 250 videos: ICOT, ULearn, EDtalks, the MoE contracts, promotional clips and material for CORE e-Learning projects.

EEL:  Working with the efficient and enthusiastic Jane Armstrong, we have delivered 50 videos for the EEL website.

BeL: In the second half of the year we have produced a series of over 20 videos with Brad and Tessa showcasing the stories associated with the blended eLearning team’s work.

NZC:  We produced a series of videos for NZC again this year including a future focus collection: Future focus package

ECE: Working with Justine this year we have delivered a further 6 videos for the Infants and Toddlers programme,

DigiAdvisors: You may have seen the series of 6 videos featuring Manu and Togi that was filmed for the DigiAdvisors contract, and published on EDtalks.

Michael explains his favourite video of the year.


This has been a particularly productive time for EDtalks: we have published over 130 new videos, including content for 3 new channels. The LEARNZ team has been publishing short clips from their recent virtual field trips, we have produced some videos focused on Modern Learning Environments and they are collected in their own MLE channel, we filmed interviews in Bangkok for ICET and posted them in a Global EDtalks channel.

In November 2013 we published our 500th video to EDtalks, and at the same time approached the 6.5 million viewers milestone.  A look at the statistics in one week in early November: 

EDtalks provide a way to promote our own staff and partners and be associated with the key players in the education sector in NZ and increasingly internationally. Some examples:

The Network4learning: we published two videos that provided them with the opportunity to promote the N4L.  2000 views in the first 10 days.