Campbell Live: Bringing the Kiwi classroom into the digital age

New Zealand
8 July 2013

John Sellwood from Campbell Live was at the CORE Modern Learning Environments (MLE) Expo on 8 June speaking with Prof. Stephen Heppell, a global MLE expert, and Neill O'Reilly, Principal of Windsor School in Christchurch. These interviews formed part of a Campbell Live report on MLEs, which screened on TV3 at 7pm on Monday 8 July.

The piece also features Hingaia Peninsula School as an example of a Modern Learning Environment and indicator of what Christchurch schools might aspire to as they repair and rebuild.

Story Excerpt:

"This is a fascinating story, in part because it makes sense.

Those of us over forty think of our school days - computers? Nope. iPads? Yes, but only for eyes, if someone poked you with a wooden ruler. The internet? What?

Now think of the schools…orderly classrooms with neat rows, facing blackboards, where teachers wrote stuff and we copied it down.

It was another world.

And yet the majority of New Zealand schools were built during that period - between 1950 and 1970 - and our classrooms are still shaped a bit as if it were still that time, as if children still used blackboards and chalk…But modern learning requires modern classrooms, and that's what Campbell Live is looking at tonight. It doesn't look like Mrs Smith's algebra class in 1973, but as John Sellwood found out, nor should it."