CORE Education positions itself in Singapore


Date: 5 April 2012

CORE’s Project Development Coordinator Matt Tippen is pleased with the reception that the five CORE staff members received at the spotlight presentations, workshops and trade stand at the ICTLT in Singapore last month.

“ It was a fantastic opportunity to meet leading educators at an overseas conference, sharing our experiences and bringing back innovative ideas for us to work with” says Matt Tippen.

“One of the best moments for me was meeting with Minister of Education Mr. Heng Swee Keat and Deputy Director General of Education Mr. Wong Siew Hoong” he says.

The face-to-face opportunities made a conference like this important to CORE. The commitment to the Singapore market is underscored by the two spotlight presentations by Curriculum Leader Mary Anne Mills and workshops presented by Warren Hall, Kathe Tawiwhirangi-Perry and Anne Sturgess.

Especially encouraging was the reaction to Mary Anne’s presentation using CORE’s Educational Positioning System (EPS), which provides schools with a cost effective, whole school review that helps schools appreciate where they are and what they can do. “ There seems to be real interest in this valuable tool that can be hugely beneficial to school review procedures,” says Mary Anne Mills.

“CORE will definitely be exploring links that can be made in the Singaporean markets and strengthening our ties with the Principals Academy,” says CORE CEO Ali Hughes.