CORE eFellowship 2013 applications open


Date: 27 July 2012

Applications for the CORE Education Foundation eFellowships Induction Programme are now open.

About CORE's eFellowship Awards programme

Up to six educators who have a strong, existing reputation for innovative practice and leadership in e-learning will be selected to join the 2013 programme.

Recipients of the eFellowship Awards will take part in a series of professional development master classes during the year. They will receive support to conduct professional enquiries into innovative e-learning practices in their schools. Participants will be expected to present at the ULearn conference in October 2013.

The fellowship celebrates and recognises teaching excellence in an e-learning context, and aims to raise public and educational community awareness of the benefits of e-learning. At the end of the programme, participants will be inducted into the CORE eFellowship, the purpose of which is to provide ongoing, community-focused leadership in the field of e-learning.

CORE eFellows are invited to attend an annual Fellows' dinner held during the week of the ULearn conference in Auckland.

eFellowship is a lifelong fellowship

CORE Education Senior Researcher and eFellowship organiser, Dr. Michael Winter, is actively involved in the programme, and notes that the 2012 Fellows have formed beneficial collaborations between their schools, which involves students connecting with their peers across the country, using a variety of e-learning tools and initiatives. “The programme is an induction into a lifelong eFellowship supporting and growing a nationwide community of practice,” Michael commented.

Charitable purpose of CORE's Foundation

CORE Education is a not-for-profit professional development and research organisation that supports the eFellowships as part of its CORE Education Foundation. Chief Executive Ali Hughes says that the Fellowships reflect CORE’s charitable purposes. “It’s important to us to return investment into the wider education sector, to stimulate and support best practice and new educational development," she says.


Applications can be made online at:

Applications close on Friday 31st August 2012.

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