Ewan McIntosh–How do we plan for & teach emerging literacies?

13 August 2010


Principals, teachers and other education professionals in Christchurch were challenged by Ewan McIntosh in his presentation on “How do we plan for & teach emerging literacies?”

Ewan provided an overview of what is different about reading and writing, speaking and listening, thanks to the emerging technologies of the past five years.

From his extensive experience in England and Scotland, including work as Digital Commissioner 4iP (Scotland, Northern Ireland and The North East) at Channel 4, Ewan provided examples of where effective school planning has empowered learners and teachers to move alongside sweeping technology changes in the 'real' world. This included the policy tools that are required to make the most of video and photo sharing websites, weblogs, and other social media for learning.


He also introduced the notion of technology "spaces" as a basis for decision-making and lesson planning, rather than technology "tools", demonstrating a mix of classroom practice and policy tools required to make it happen.

Ewan was inspirational and engaging in his presentation, and modeled well many of the practices he spoke about. Such was the impression he made, a large number of those attending remained to discuss with him or colleagues for a good while after the seminar—despite being busy teachers who need to get back to the classroom.

Ewan will be following up with work in local schools and in other parts of New Zealand over the next ten days.