Gisborne Herald: Getting ahead long term relies on better education

6 June 2013

Findings from CORE's consultation work and surveys have been cited in The Gisborne Herald editorial "Getting ahead long term relies on better education".

The local Eastland Community Trust have contracted a group of CORE Education staff: Derek Wenmoth, Mary Anne Mills, Pauline Scanlan, Wharehoka Wano, and Deanne Thomas, to undertake a review of what is happening for secondary students in the Gisborne region; and formulate recommendations about where the Trust might be able to provide support in the future. A key part of what the Trust is exploring is how they can make secondary schooling attractive enough to get people to come to and/or stay in the region.

Derek Wenmoth, Director of CORE Education, advocates a scenario approach to help determine what the future of Gisborne's schools might look like, rather than merely offering 'solutions': "This project is providing an excellent context for challenging beliefs and values we have about education; and how we translate these into a context such as Gisborne, where, whatever is recommended, must have a high degree of local ownership to succeed".