Gisborne — The Learning City

Gisborne, New Zealand
23 April, 2014

CORE Education's final report to the Eastland Community Trust, “Gisborne – the Learning City: Possibilities for the future of secondary schooling and its relationship to the city’s growth and development”, has now been released. 

CORE consultants spent time in Gisborne from February to June 2013 to investigate options for potential investment in education as an important precursor to the prosperity of the wider region.

In the report, findings from consultation with local stakeholders such as teachers, principals, students, parents and whānau, business leaders, tertiary providers, and government officials are presented alongside national and regional school information, including independent reports, to provide data with context and meaning.

The facilitation process followed a scenario planning approach, identifying possible and preferred futures for secondary schooling in Gisborne based on the wide range of data collected. The report provides recommendations on how best to achieve the ECT’s goal of establishing Gisborne as a Learning City.

Full report

You can view and download at the full report from the ECT website.