Keryn Davis to co-present paper at Oxford conference

22 June 2012

CORE Education is proud to support Keryn Davis as she travels to Oxford, United Kingdom to co-present a paper with Eleanor White at the 8th Annual ‘Creative Engagements: Thinking with Children Conference’ held at Mansfield College from 29th June until 1st July.

This presentation draws on a two-year collaborative Teaching and Learning Research Initiative (TLRI) funded project that began in 2009, where Keryn and Sally Peters from the University of Waikato worked with a team of five practitioner researchers to explore children’s working theories and how adults can support the development of these.

The project, titled Moments of wonder, every day events: how are young children theorising and making sense of their world, developed out of a lack of prior research around children’s working theories within a New Zealand context. The researchers ultimately sought to add a New Zealand perspective “…to the discussion around the ways young children express and develop working theories, how practitioners understand these and how to best respond to this learning in five early childhood education settings in Canterbury, New Zealand”.

“We’re excited about the possibility of presenting our work in an international forum which has a high focus on critique,” says Keryn. “I’m also extremely grateful to CORE for supporting my application to attend this important conference,” she added.

The theme of this conference therefore has a natural connection with the presenters as it is about thinking with children and creative engagement and activity, which resonates strongly with their research.

In the paper they are presenting at the conference, titled Growing Islands of Interest: Nurturing the Development of Young Children’s Working Theories, the presenters have chosen to foreground the qualities or competencies required of adults to support the children’s working theories. A number of examples from their data will illustrate their ideas.