KiwiLearners Early Learning Centre Opening in India

Chennai, India
13 January 2014

KiwiLearners frontageIn response to a growing demand for quality early childhood education in India, CORE Education has partnered with Sun Global Services to open a world-class early learning centre in the Neelankarai suburb of Chennai — and spaces are expected to fill fast. On January 17, KiwiLearners Early Learning Centre will open for enrolments of children aged 1 – 5 years. Members of the local community are being encouraged to drop by and meet the centre’s international staff, view the facilities, and experience first-hand a new, modern, multicultural approach to early learning.

The KiwiLearners programme is one-of-a-kind, based on Te Whāriki, New Zealand’s early childhood curriculum, and supported by a well-resourced environment. The centre has both indoor and outdoor spaces that can be used flexibly to meet the interests and abilities of all children attending: An art studio; large, open playroom; expansive outdoor area with play equipment; separate sleep room; as well as areas for dance, drama, music and other active movement programmes.

The centre’s well-appointed environment is not it’s only point of difference for the Indian market. Children attending KiwiLearners are not grouped or limited by their age and can direct their own learning experiences with guidance and support from thoughtful teachers. “Each child is nurtured as an individual and treated as a competent learner and communicator, able to confidently make choices, solve problems, question, and explore,” says Centre Director, Jocelyn Wright. “High adult to child ratios and the assigning of a primary teacher help make this highly effective teaching and learning strategy possible. 

The centre also offers the latest in learning-enhancing digital technologies. Apple TV, iPads, and other digital devices are available for use as learning tools for literacy, numeracy, problem solving, collaboration, creativity and more. KiwiLearners also makes use of online technologies, and uses an ePortfolio platform called Storypark to document and profile each child’s assessments. Multimedia recordings mean even children who are not yet reading are able to reflect on and share their progress with parents and teachers via secure login. The centre also maintains that it will always be open for face-to-face interactions with parents as it seeks to build a community of learning. A typical day at KiwiLearners begins and ends with discussion between educators and caregivers. “Parents will always be welcome to drop by, have a cup of tea, and speak with staff about their child’s progress,” says Ms Wright. 

In keeping with the centre’s holistic approach, nutritious meals and clean water will be available, with education in good hygiene practices running alongside meal and sleep times. 

Those wanting to learn more or enrol their child will be welcomed in person at the centre on January 17.