LEARNZ contributes to Deep Argo video at NOAA Ocean Today website and Smithsonian

4 November 2014

LEARNZ video footage has been used in a new video published on the NOAA Ocean Today website. This video production was supported by the Smithsonian Institute.

LEARNZ's field-trip teacher Shelley Hearsey joined the crew, and NIWA, NOAA, and CSIRO scientists aboard the Tangaroa, a NIWA research vessel for the nine-day journey to some 1000 kilometres NW of New Zealand. She provides interviews, photos and videos that explain the work of the scientists and these amazing floating robots. The whole journey is provided as a virtual fieldtrip for New Zealand classes.

The LEARNZ Argo float trip was supported by NIWA, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association (NOAA), and the Ministry of Educatation

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