Modern Learning Environments: A story begins

8 June

On Saturday 8 June, the Airforce Museum hosted the CORE Modern Learning Environments Expo. The expo, in conjunction with a free seminar on 7 June for Board of Trustee members and Principals, heralded the beginning of a new story about the possibilities for education in the twenty-first century.

The expo held something for everyone: Educators already progressed in their MLE plans and those hearing the acronym for the first time were all treated to inspiring speakers and displays, as well as practical advice and support for the next stage of their MLE journeys.

In the speakers' corner, where presentations were given throughout the day, there was rarely a spare seat. Global experts Prof Stephen Heppell and Dr Julia Atkin provided an international perspective on MLEs, while local Principals James Petronelli of Clearview and Neill O'Reilly of Windsor shared first-hand experiences of MLE implementation and the accompanying pedagogical shifts.

On the floor, Kevin Honeycutt led students in a design and build project of a school on Mars, while others created virtual MLEs and modelled the latest in classroom furniture. The Amazing Place dominated an entire wall; the imagination and creativity of Christchurch's children on display.

Exhibitors and CORE staff were also kept busy, with a steady stream of people through the doors all day.

Following the destruction and disrepair of many of Christchurch's schools, CORE is proud to have provided the MLE Expo as part of its charitable arm of activities, and to begin to tell a new story in education: of creation, innovation, and transformation.

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