Professional learning workshops announced for terms 3 & 4

5 August

Throughout terms three and four, CORE is offering a variety of professional learning options, including face-to-face workshops and blended, online programmes.

Beginning on 13 August, CORE's head office at 167 Madras Street in Christchurch will host half-day, future-focused education Enable workshops. These workshops cover a range of themed areas, including: literacy and numeracy, Bring Your Own Device, and Modern learning Environments. "These workshops are the first to be offered at our new location, and we are looking forward to welcoming the wider education whānau to our offices back in the CBD", says CORE Education CEO Ali Hughes.

Enable workshops are designed to scaffold into the more in-depth Empower and Transform programmes, the first of which is the the 12-week Empower programme BYOD: Why, how, what?; online from 20 August. The flexibility of the programme is key for those who are busy with their work in school, and it includes a blend of face-to-face, online, and Google Hang-out options. The Empower programmes are designed to build capacity across schools and centres, and deepen understanding of aspects of future-focused education; from creating learning spaces to cybersafety.   

Empower programmes closed for 2013 are: Curriculum Leadership and Emerging e-Leaders. You can register your interest in these programmes for 2014 with the future-focused education programme co-ordinator, Margot McKeegan.

Transform programmes, which assist Boards and school leaders to implement whole-school vision and direction, are coming soon.