Recent CORE AGM culminates a year of development, growth for CORE

18 December 2012

The 2012 CORE Education Annual General Meeting was held on 6 December, culminating a year of changes and growth within the organisation.

The AGM provided an opportunity to formally thank the Canterbury Development Corporation (CDC) for their support of CORE until 2012.

CORE Education began in 2003 as a charitable, not-for-profit company that believes in providing public good services for the education sector in New Zealand.

The company was under the trusteeship of the CDC from its inception, however, as part of the continuing development of the company and in alignment with CORE’s not-for-profit status, a new trust was established to act as shareholders of the organisation, and trusteeship was formally transferred from CDC to the CORE Trust in June 2012.

CDC were presented with a gift on behalf of CORE, the CORE Executive Team, and the Board, to thank them for their support when the business was set up.

2012 has also seen a change in the leadership structure of the company. Following the retirement of Dr Vince Ham, one of the founding members of CORE Education and a member of the CORE Exec, the company undertook a period of reflection and ultimately decided to change its leadership structure, which saw the introduction of the Senior Leadership Team.

Central to all of CORE’s thinking is the fundamental concept of Tātai Aho Rau, the weaving together of the diverse strands of activity and range of skills, knowledge and experience that currently exist within CORE. A key part to the future development of CORE is the Senior Leadership Team.

The Senior Leadership Team supports the operational and financial management of the organisation. Each team member is responsible for a portfolio of CORE projects or aspects of the company’s management. Collectively, the team works with the Executive Team to drive the vision of the company into the future.