Teanau Tuiono to attend ASEM Seminar on Human Rights in Seoul, Korea

30 May 2012

CORE Education is proud to support Teanau Tuiono as he participates in the 12th Informal Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM) Seminar on Human Rights in Seoul, Korea from the 27-29 June, 2012. 
Having been personally invited by the organisers to attend the conference and share his expertise during the working group discussions is “...testament to the respect he has in that field,” says CORE Education CEO Ali Hughes.

The seminar, titled ‘Human Rights and Information and Communication Technology, is co-organised by the French Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs, the Raoul Wallenberg Institute, the Philippine Department of Foreign Affairs and the Asia-Europe Foundation (ASEF). The seminar will focus on the protocols, protection and use of indigenous knowledge in an online environment.

 Having presented at numerous conferences in the past, including the World Summit on the Information Society Forum in Geneva in 2011, as well as the Regional Workshop on Indigenous Peoples and ICTs in Brazil in 2009, Teanau’s participation in this seminar will add to his already wide database of knowledge on the subject.

“The intersection of Human Rights and Information Communication Technology is an interesting one and I look forward to engaging in the discourse," says Teanau.

As the Project Coordinator for the Maori Medium Publishing team at CORE Education, Teanau has a particular interest and expertise in Indigenous Knowledge, Maori Education and Pasifika Education. He came to CORE with extensive experience working for the UN and NGOs that focused on the issues of indigenous people and their aspirations, as well as having worked with two Ministries of Education (in New Zealand and the Solomon Islands) supporting curriculum and resource development in indigenous languages.

“We are very excited for Teanau and the seminar sounds really interesting,” says Mrs. Hughes. “I’m looking forward to talking with him about the topics raised when he arrives back.”