The benefits and opportunities afforded by ePortfolios: CORE Breakfast with Tania Coutts


Date: 27 June 2012

CORE Education Blended e-Learning and Early Years facilitator Tania Coutts captivated her Invercargill breakfast audience last Thursday, explaining how easy and accessible ePortfolios are. ePortfolios are an “ space where we can share [student’s] learning with the wider world,” explains Tania.

This breakfast seminar, presented in partnership with Essential Resources, was followed by a workshop which gave attendees the opportunity to dive further into the concept and receive hands-on help from Tania herself.

Using a variety of video and visual examples, Tania clearly outlined her points and discussed the various ways schools use ePortfolios. By first identifying what’s right for your school, you can understand what you’re introducing them says Tania.

By including examples of whole-school use of ePortfolios, Tania allowed the attendees to see real-life examples and gain inspiration and ideas of how they can then be implemented at their own school. Furthermore, she explained the benefits of ePortfolios to students; how they can record the process of learning, and importantly how they can be used to engage whānau in their child’s learning.

Tania believes the ability to record the process of the student’s development over their entire period of education is one of the most significant benefits of ePortfolios. “The vision would be that children would start with an ePortfolio at an early childhood centre, and that would follow them all the way through their school environment”. Ultimately, this allows the student, parent and teachers to “...reflect back on their learning...[on] those foundations of reading and writing and maths at a very early age and how they have progressed in that as they get older”.