Whakarauikatia mai Aotearoa: ECEONLINE Early Years Conference

31 October

Gathering Early Years teachers from throughout New Zealand

ECE Online is a professional learning community established by CORE Education as  part of their Ministry of Education funded ECE Professional development options. This online community has been growing from strength to strength since its inception in 2011 with early years teachers connecting and sharing online.  As part of celebrating the success of our community, we are excited to announce our inaugural conference—Whakarauikatia mai Aotearoa ECEONLINE Early Years Conference.

This conference will be a free online event, hosted by CORE Education on 8 & 9 November.

Eleven speakers will talk on a range of topics relevant to Early Years education. While primarily the audience will be early childhood and junior school teachers, we would like to attract a wide range of people to further our discussions and issue an open invitation to parents, whānau, and teachers from around the world. We hope that, not only will the sessions be informative, but that the conference will enable teachers to strengthen their networks and build connections with people nationally and internationally so that conversations continue long after the conference has concluded.

When we were thinking about ways in which to celebrate our community, we looked at the popularity of our monthly online webinars. It seemed natural to build on the success of these webinars and extend them into a conference that covers two days. Attendees can attend the entire conference or attend the sessions that interest them—they can tailor the learning to their needs.

We believe this is the first online conference of its kind in New Zealand. Please join us to share, engage and support the children you work with.