Innovative online learning - Centre for Veterinary Education, Sydney


CORE’s Learning Design team were engaged to work alongside tutors and authors at the Centre for Veterinary Education (CVE) at the University of Sydney. CVE had identified a need to apply modern learning practices to their existing Moodle courses, and CORE’s role was to support and consult to this initiative.

The project involved a review of the existing courses, building working relationships with the tutors and authors, and suggesting options for improvement of the courses. Originally conceived as a library model, CORE’s designers introduced the client to modern e-learning practices. Moodle was already established as the platform of choice. CORE’s developers wrote some bespoke code for the client, to enhance the behaviour of some Moodle features.

The wider team, comprising the client, their tutors and authors, and members of the CORE Learning Design team worked effectively in a virtual environment throughout the year long project. Weekly meetings were held over Skype, and Moodle was both the project environment and the project management environment. This proved highly effective for both the client and for CORE Education. At the end of the project, two members of the CORE team attended a conference in Sydney to support face to face training of CVE’s tutors who come from across Australia to attend.

CORE’s team are continuing to support the project as it goes into its next phase.