CORE works on a number of projects with the New Zealand School Trustees Association (NZSTA) — Te Whakarōpūtanga Kaitiaki Kura O Aotearoa.

This work ensures that NZSTA's vision, “All schools are effectively governed by a board of trustees whose primary focus is every student achieving their highest possible educational potential” is supported.

Some examples of our work together include:

  1. The Treaty of Waitangi and School Governance — Kei tua atu o te matapaki kōrero ko te mahi — a set of resources and video clips focused on enabling trustees to better understand the Treaty of Waitangi and its implications for school governance.  Specific resources include:
    1. The Treaty of Waitangi and School Governance information booklet
    2. Board activities and inquiry scenarios
    3. Video clips offering a snapshot of school and community practice in relation to Treaty partnerships.
  2. Treaty of Waitangi Workshops —  these are being run around the country for school Trustees, and are accessible to all boards.
  3. govtalks — CORE’s Digital Media Production Unit have created a series of video interviews for this new NZSTA website, with another series planned for 2016.
  4. Governance Internal Evaluation Tool — CORE has worked with NZSTA to develop an online internal evaluation tool for boards of trustees to identify their strengths and areas for development aligned to the four areas of governance — representation, accountability, leadership and good employer.
  5. Parent Guide — CORE have developed a brochure and storyboard for a parent guide, to provide parents with information about:
    • The role and responsibility of the Board
    • What they can and cannot expect from their Board of Trustees.
    • Frequently Asked Questions.
    • Getting involved.