Ministry of Primary Industries


CORE has developed a set of interrelated teaching resources across the four learning areas of Science, Technology, Maths, and Social Studies. These are suitable for years 9 and 10 to profile the MPI’s publication “Situation and outlook for Primary Industries (SOPI), containing up-to-date information about the performance of New Zealand's primary sectors.

Each resource includes a short introductory section for teachers to use as background information related to the Primary Industries derived from generic content in the SOPI document, for example:

  • Sectors making up New Zealand’s Primary Industries (Industry summaries, SOPI 2016).

  • Export revenues by sector (SOPI 2016).

  • Focus on Growth – MPI through the value chain (SOPI 2016).

  • Key factors about meat and wool (SOPI 2016).

  • Champions videos and other resources supplied by MPI.

Each teaching and learning plan includes background information about the context, supporting links to information and a suggested teaching sequence for the topics, including guidance on the timeframes required for the teaching component.