So how do I get started and pick my pathway?


We recommend starting with completing Te Tokorima-ā-Mahuika, the self review tool, so that you can identify your own starting point.

After that, you can tailor make your own journey based on your own needs and areas of interests:

  • You might start with exploring when the next meetup will be held in your region and register for that.
  • Then move into completing the introductory pīkau, either by yourself or with some of your colleagues.
  • We’d also highly recommend visiting and exploring Ngā Kiriahi to share and explore what others have offered.
  • Return back to Te Tokorima-ā-Mahuika to reinforce your progress. The reports produced can be evidence of your professional growth.

When you visit our website you can be assured that our Kia Takatū ā-Matihiko whānau will be with you at each step in your journey ensuring that you feel well supported and confident through the year and beyond.