Asia NZ Foundation


CORE Education and the Asia NZ Foundation have worked closely together on several initiatives.

These initiatives include :

The New Zealand Curriculum and Asia Guide

In recognition of the significant role education plays in preparing young New Zealander’s to understand and be aware of Asia, CORE Education has developed the New Zealand Curriculum and Asia Guide to support school leaders and curriculum leaders in their development of Asia Aware schools and students. Hard copies of this document are available from Asia NZ and a PDF can be downloaded by scrolling down to the bottom of this page:

Business case studies for senior secondary business studies students

To support senior secondary business studies students with NCEA, CORE Education has developed a series of case studies aligned to the achievement standards for level 8. Teachers and students can use these case studies to learn about New Zealand businesses who have engaged with Asia and use them as a framework to develop their own.

Japan resource

To support the visit to New Zealand by Japan for the Rugby World Cup, CORE Education has developed a resource to be used with level 3 and 4 students to enrich their learning about Japan through a teacher directed or a guided inquiry. Each level has useful resources and weblinks.

NCEA teaching and learning resources

CORE Education is overseeing the development of teaching and learning units in 6 senior subject areas. These units focus on different Asian contexts and will be available for levels 6, 7 and 8 of the New Zealand Curriculum. They can be assessed by levels 1, 2 and 3 achievement standards at the appropriate level.

Developing Asia Aware Teachers Guide

CORE Education has designed a guide to be used by school leaders to facilitate discussions with teachers on the need to create opportunities for students to become Asia Aware, and to have them consider how they can include Asian content and contexts in their teaching and learning.

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