Christchurch Earthquake Early Childhood Education Participation Project


The Christchurch Earthquake Early Childhood Education (ECE) Participation Project was a Ministry of Education Intensive Community Participation Project that aimed to sustain and improve participation in early childhood education for priority groups in greater Christchurch following the impact of the 2011-2012 earthquakes.

A key aspect of the project was a programme of engagement with government and non-government organisations and community groups that work with children and families. The programmes focused on raising awareness and understanding of early childhood education.

Resources were developed and distributed to parents and families through health and social sector organisations including the Your Choices booklet in English, te reo Māori, Samoan and Tongan. Location map flyers of all ECE services in greater Christchurch, and a brochure describing current MOE participation initiatives were also distributed.

The work to support the provision of quality early childhood education in the post-earthquake environment and to promote ECE participation aligns with the Ministry of Education's Greater Christchurch Education Renewal Programme. 

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