Early Childhood Leadership Programme


The Leadership Programme (2010–2013) is a Ministry of Education funded professional learning programme supporting the development of leadership within early childhood services.

Facilitators are mentors complemented by an online PLD and networking site

CORE facilitators are working as mentors to one or two key personnel within each centre as they implement a self review model of change. The face-to-face facilitation is complemented by an online professional learning and networking site open to all those interested in pedagogical leadership.

Leadership basis and pedagogical focus used

CORE Education’s professional learning for leadership programme focuses on two elements of leadership identified in recent literature (Thornton et al, 2009). These are considered as being instrumental to the achievement of positive learning outcomes for children. These are:

  • the role of the leader/teachers as change agent/s
  • the development of pedagogical leadership (high expectations, knowledge and practices associated with effective teaching and learning), residing in individuals and/or teams.

The pedagogical focus is on the four areas identified by the Ministry of Education:

  • transitions
  • literacy and numeracy
  • education and care of children under two
  • developing children’s social competence

Geographical location system for the programme

There are four geographical clusters of up to 10 centres each involved in this programme at any one time. Each cluster comes together on several occasions over the course of the programme. In between these meetings, the cluster facilitator visits the centre in her role as a mentor to the key personnel.

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