Education for Enterprise (E4E)


This two-year Education for Enterprise (E4E) project supported students to demonstrate enterprising attributes and skills using new technologies in authentic learning environments.

CORE Education was contracted to New Zealand Trade and Enterprise (NZTE) to deliver a two-year Education for Enterprise (E4E) project.

The goal of Education for Enterprise (E4E) is to produce innovative people who will build a more resourceful and confident New Zealand in years to come. Enterprise is one o the four future focus issues in the New Zealand curriculum emphasising enterprising attributes such as:

  • taking responsibility
  • perservering
  • being resilient.

E4E encourages 'outside the square' thinking, an enterprising school culture and the building of community and business partnerships. CORE Education has a depth of experience in the development of Education for Enterprise (E4E) professional development programmes and resources and works with both primary and secondary schools in an advisory capacity.

Education for Enterprise (E4E) is an approach that ensures learning is relevant and authentic and enhances what and how young people learn. Enterprising teaching and learning emphasises the enteprising attributes and skills within the key competencies of the New Zealand curriculum and encourages students to test new ideas and take informed risks.

One of the key aspects of E4E is building relationships with community and business organisations. These relationships allow schools to create authentic learning contexts where students can produce work of real value and where students are exposed to real-life situations.

Built on 21st century teaching and learning practices

CORE Education has worked on a number of Education for Enterprise projects in association with local Economic Development Agencies (EDAs) supported and funded by the Ministry of Trade and Enterprise (NZTE). These include:

  • Canterbury Cluster of 5 secondary schools
  • Kapiti Cluster including 2 primary schools and 1 secondary school
  • the Enterprise Champions Network of 8 secondary schools in association with the Canterbury Development Corporation
  • a regional cluster of secondary and primary schools with Development West Coast in conjunction with the Ministry of Education (MOE) and NZTE.

CORE Education's E4E professional development concentrates on thought leadership, supporting enterprisng teaching and learning practices in the classroom and facilitating seminars and workshops.

E4E: Get outside the square
Attitude is everything! Get outside the square!


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