Enhancing effective practice in special education (EEPiSE) community of practice


In this Ministry of Education Group Special Education project, CORE supported ministry personnel to develop and foster an online community of practice to support geographically-distanced participants.

The EEPiSE project aimed to identify, encourage, and support effective classroom practices to improve the learning, social, and cultural outcomes for all students. In particular, it was aimed to assist teachers to meet the needs of students who require curriculum modifications to attain their full potential.

Twenty five schools were involved in an action research programme lead by staff at colleges of education, while 24 other schools particpated in action learning which was facilitated by Ministry of Education (GSE) staff across the country.

CORE's role in this project was to support the development of an online community of practice (COP). CORE staff provided guidance and information to the Ministry project managers, and the community facilitator, and also assist with administration in the online area.

The EEPiSE Community of Practice was established for educators for two main reasons:

  • To access and develop relevant resources.
  • To engage participants in an active online community of practice.

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