Future Focused Inquiries (Te Toi Tupu)


The Future Focused Inquiries Programme aims to improve how teachers select and use digital content and software.

The Future Focused Inquiries programme provides facilitated support to a number of regional schools and clusters who are developing their effective use of digital technologies. Through an action research approach, and based on teaching as inquiry, the programme supports teachers, schools and their communities to explore learning opportunities afforded by modern learning environments and future focused practices that lead to transformative change in teaching and learning. The inquiries are school/teacher generated where particular contexts and needs can be directly addressed. Each facilitated programme includes the following:

  • A blend of face-to-face and online facilitation which is provided through the 2–3 terms of the programme support. 
  • Teachers are mentored to lead professional learning in their own setting and in clusters, particularly through engagement in online groups and networks. 
  • Teachers' digital stories of change are collaboratively developed with the facilitator through the teaching as inquiry process, and finally published online as examples of effective practice to share with the wider profession.