He Pikinga Reo (Te Toi Tupu)


He Pikinga Reo is designed for kaiako to develop the Māori proficiency, as well as knowledge, skills and strategies in teaching in te reo in a blended e-learning environment. This one-year professional learning and development programme is offered in Te Taitokerau and Te Waipounamu to kaiako in level 1 and 2 immersion classes, units, kura kaupapa and wharekura.

Te Marautanga o Aotearoa is used primarily in the Immersion Level 1 and 2 programmes and this document will be used as we look at language across the different curriculum areas.

He Pikinga Reo focuses on the relationship of language and teaching on learner outcomes. As such two major objectives of the programme are to:

  • Build refine and embellish teacher language
  • Enhance the understanding of effective language teaching and learning pedagogies

Other key outcomes of this programme include:

  • Te reo Māori is used regularly and confidently in a range of settings, and for a wide range of purposes, issues and audiences
  • Opportunities for iwi to be involved in supporting and implementing initiatives that focus on te reo Māori provision will be created
  • The identity, language and culture of ākonga Māori and their whānau, hapū and iwi are embedded in teachers practices
  • Te reo Māori supports kaiako, in kura and Māori medium settings, to implement Te Marautanga o Aotearoa successfully
  • Kaiako increase their use of effective teaching and learning pedagogies that develop a full range of linguistic competencies, including functional language use, breadth of language knowledge and linguistic strategies
  • Kaiako have a deepened understanding of second language theories and teaching methodologies, and use approaches appropriate to the level of reo proficiency of their ākonga
  • Kaiako have high expectations of all their ākonga and set clear and measurable outcomes
  • Kaiako draw on and are responsive to the identity, language and culture of ākonga who identify as Pasifika and those who have special education needs. All ākonga experience success
  • Leaders have coherent policies and practices in place to ensure te reo Māori proficiency, knowledge and understanding of kaiako and ākonga are accelerated
  • Increasing use is made of e-learning environments for delivering PLD services and in ākonga learning.