ICT PD programme evaluation


CORE Education was contracted to evaluate the Information and Communication Technologies Professional Development (ICT PD) school clusters programme.

The evaluation process for each cluster was carried out over the three-year period of their programme, with a new intake of cluster schools occurring yearly. Teachers involved in the project took part in a series of surveys to give feedback about the experience at various stages over the programme. This gave an opportunity to oversee the delivery process, teachers’ development progress, and the national trends towards the use of ICTs in education by comparing the results of subsequent intakes.

At the start of the programme teachers’ goals for participation in the programme, views on ICT use in education, ICT skill levels, confidence levels about the use of ICT, frequency of the use of ICTs in classroom teaching and learning, barriers to the use of ICTs in classroom teaching, and preferences of professional development activities over the period of the programme were surveyed by a baseline survey.

Four six-monthly online surveys followed the baseline survey to track teachers’ development and the implementation process of the programme. At the end of the three years teachers completed an end of project questionnaire. This aimed to survey teachers on the aspects mentioned above in the baseline survey and also how and for what purposes teachers used ICTs in their teaching, and the overall effects and delivery process of the programme. This allowed a comparison to be made between the use of ICT in education at the start and at the end of the programme.

The CORE research team prepared surveys and carried out analysis of survey data. Results were submitted in reports to the Ministry of Education and as executive summaries to the cluster facilitators and the national facilitation team.

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