Incredible Years


The Incredible Years Teacher Programme is a teacher training intervention focused on strengthening teachers strategies to promote children's prosocial behavior. The Incredible Years programme provides teachers with approaches to help create a more positive learning environment for their children. The programme is for early childhood teachers of children aged 3-5 years.

Teachers from early childhood education centres meet with colleagues from other centres once a month over six months. Participants are supported by a facilitator to implement strategies in their own settings. There is also a follow-up, one-day session three months later.

The Teacher programme covers:

  • building positive relationships with children
  • proactively preventing behaviour problems
  • using attention, encouragement and praise to support children’s developing social competence
  • motivating children by giving them incentives
  • helping children learn social skills, empathy and problem-solving
  • using appropriate consequences for undesirable behaviour.

Additionally, the programme focuses on ways teachers can effectively collaborate with parents to support their involvement in ECE and promote consistency from home to centre. The Incredible Years Teacher Programme is funded in part by the Ministry of Education. Programmes are co-facilitated by Justine Mason from CORE Education and a facilitator from the local Ministry of Education office.

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