Infants and Toddlers


Infants and Toddlers (2010–2013) is a Ministry of Education funded online professional learning and networking programme.

The Infant and Toddlers programme's target audience

The target audience for this programme is anyone involved in education and care services for infants and toddlers in Aoteroa/New Zealand. The programme is open to any individual or group, and offers both synchronous and asynchronous 'anywhere, anytime' opportunities for educators to engage with current thinking and practices.

The Infant & Toddler Online community

The Infant & Toddlers online community contains resources, short articles, videos, and a discussion forum.

The focus of this site is to support the provision of quality infant and toddler environments including:

  • interactions and relationships
  • routines
  • the leaning environment
  • assessment practices.

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