Jane and the Dragon


CORE Education partnered with Weta Productions to develop a website based on the TV2 series Jane and the Dragon, Knight School , a platform for creative participation by New Zealand students.

The TV2 series Jane and the Dragon has been a huge hit in New Zealand and around the world. The animated adventures centre on a partnership between Jane, a feisty red head, and her giant green dragon.

Regular educational activities are provided for schools, groups of students, and individual students, including participation in a 3D virtual world, curriculum-based activities and competitons.

One of the first major activities on Knight School was an Animation Competition, in which students or groups of students in New Zealand schools were invited to create and record an animated story. Students used a number of animation techniques, and the winning students visited Weta Studios to meet with the Weta Workshop animators, to see how they work and to ask questions. Selected student work was published on the Knight School website, as well as on the Weta Productions website.

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