Learn Now


Learn-Now was an internationally popular online extension and enrichment programme for 7-14 year olds. It was a thematic, cross-curriculum, project-based programme, designed to extend students of any ability.

Classrooms and individual learners were able to join pre-packaged projects or design and develop customized self-driven, web-based programmes, with online facilitation by Learn-Now staff. Learn-Now projects became topics on classroom long-term plans, individual education plans, and were even taken on as homework projects.

The programme focused on collaborative learning processes and key competencies. The learners experienced the use of ICT, social learning, and a learner-centred approach through an integrated curriculum.

Coverage included subject specific topic work through to the design and development of small profit-making businesses, global activities, individual topic studies, and much more.

Learn-Now enabled students to interact with peers worldwide. During 2005 it enrolled just over 300 students from 12 different countries including Australia, Zambia, Jamaica, Italy, Jordan, Japan, the UK, and USA. All students were able to interact with each other and their respective projects.

Schools and private families were invited to join. It's aim was to extend positive learning attitudes, skills and knowledge for all, not just for gifted and talented students. It enabled single classroom, individual student, and family enrolment.

Popular elements of the programme featured such programmes as Bagz4Tagz, ChocLot Paradise, Bupe’s World, Composition City, Cyber ePals, and the Personal Project arena.

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