Muslim digital outreach


CORE Education in conjunction with the Halal Slaughtermen's Union of New Zealand and the Muslim Association of Canterbury received funding from the Department of Internal Affairs to determine the level of access to, and skills using Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) within the Canterbury Muslim Community and the Halal Slaughtermen nationwide.

ICT access and skills are seen as crucial for migrants and refugees to enable them to find and secure employment; and to help them learn about and settle in their new country. At the time of this project the Canterbury area had over 1000 Muslims, of a wide range of ethnic backgrounds.

Halal slaughtermen are located at meat processing plants throughout New Zealand, often at remote locations. It was thought that the establishment of a professional community of practice, using ICTs as a communication medium could potentially reduce feelings of isolation, and raise the level of mutual support and alignment of professional standards for them.

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