CORE Education together with Joan Dalton and David Anderson offered school leadership teams the opportunity to transform their school into communities of learning with high quality face-to-face workshops and access to a comprehensive and richly-resourced website for professional learning (PLOT).

Having managed the very successful ICT PD Cluster programme for several years, CORE Education recognised the need for participating schools to continue and sustain the professional development journey they had embarked on. PLOT was seen as a valuable resource and one that could meet this need. A decision was made to conduct a pilot PLOT project in New Zealand to test the resource and also assess the role facilitation played in its effectiveness.

Mel Stopford joined the CORE team in 2005. She was introduced to PLOT whilst exploring the issue of professional development sustainability during her e-fellow year in 2004. She took on the role of project leader for the pilot study and became a passionate advocate for high quality professional learning through face to face workshops, site based visits and online support through PLOT PD.

What does the research show?

Without exception, the participating leaders that trialled PLOT for their school commented positively on the quality of the resource, its wealth of information for effective professional learning, and the high level of facilitation provided at the workshops.

  • “Now I see what you mean! PLOT is an amazing resource to have access to."
  • “It’s helped us put the pieces of our learning model puzzle together."
  • “It is so deep, thorough, and comprehensive and it is all there for you; readings, workshops, quotes — the lot!”
  • “I definitely have a greater understanding of our own school journey…it has clarified a lot off the decisions and issues that we need to address.”
  • “Staff are now working collectively — it’s changed our whole school culture”.
  • “I’d like to say that this is the best PD I’ve ever had.”
  • “The facilitation in the past three days has been of the highest quality I have had the privilege to be involved in — thanks for this opportunity.”
  • “Joan and David have been amazing. The role modelling, ideas, challenges, provoking discussions, dialogue and professionalism have been inspirational.”