QTR&D - Māori medium


The Quality Teaching Research and Development in Practice Project (QTR&D) was an exploratory research and development project, funded by the Ministry of Education to support teaching and learning within social studies/tikanga-a-iwi across Māori medium and Samoan bi-lingual/bi-literacy teaching settings.

The outcomes of the QTR&D project informed policy, and future research and development work with teachers in schools.

The purpose of the QTR&D project was to build on existing knowledge to understand more about quality teaching. QTR&D was developed as a collaborative research and development process between Ministry, academics, research facilitators, schools, teachers, students and their parents/caregivers, whanau and communities. The project was based on the premise that teacher inquiry, supported by productive learning partnerships, is a critical contributing factor to improving the quality of teaching and learning outcomes for diverse learners.

Project principles

The project principles underpinning the research and development design of the QTR&D project included:

  • a recognition that ‘culture counts’
  • ako (reciprocal teaching and learning)
  • the need for productive partnerships and co-construction of knowledge / learning processes
  • the need for multiple, structured opportunities to learn
  • the need for high quality evidence-based practices linked to enhanced Māori student and Pasifika student outcomes
  • the need for collective inquiry processes which engage teachers’ personal theories; and
  • the need for culturally inclusive and responsive learning communities.

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